Bloom judges visit to see how town has grown

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YORKSHIRE in Bloom judges arrived in Todmorden last week to view the floral work carried out in town over the past 12 months.

Todmorden in Bloom members showed the judges around town and pointed out the improvements they have made.

Jean Butterworth, chairwoman of Todmorden in Bloom, said: “They did seem suitably impressed, taking into account the dreadful weather conditions and flooding that everybody has had to contend with.

“They really were quite impressed with the appearance of the town overall.

“It looked good on the day but it would have looked better with the sun shining.

“We have made some improvements which they were pleased to see. We addressed issues which they were pleased about.

“NatWest garden looks lovely. Fielden Wharf is the place we are looking forward to. It’s a young planting scheme and year on year it will improve.

“We put a great deal of thought into what we are going to plant and where.

“There are still things to do and we will start on that for 2012-13.”