Breakfast meetings are up and running to boost business contacts

A NEW self-help breakfast meeting for local businesses has now been up and running for a month.

The meetings, which run from 6.45am to 8.30am at Scaitcliffe Hall, Burnley Road, Todmorden, are an opportunity for businesses to network and are run through self-help organisation Business Network International (BNI).

The Todmorden group was set up by Huddersfield based businessman Steve Barrett, who explained that businesses wanting a job doing might be unaware that there was somebody who could do it on the doorstep.

And even if there wasn’t, groups linked up with each other and could easily locate someone who could.

“I started talking about setting up a group in Todmorden, which is part of my area, back in January. It’s an international network with around 60,000 groups in the world and they do literally millions of pounds of business between each other,” he said.

“It not only keeps business within an area but also open up things further afield. There are two bites of the cherry, keeping business in Todmorden and utilising all our personal contacts better - members making personal recommendations.”

Steve said business people paid “subs” of £10 per week, which covered the hire of the meeting room.

The agenda for each meeting is drawn up by the membership, addressing matters they believe are most important.

“I am very pleased with the very positive response so far. They are positive people who know themselves that we need to keep business in Todmorden,” he said.

The next meeting is next Wednesday, August 31, at Scaitcliffe Hall from 6.45am to 8.30am. For more details about the meeting or about BNI generally, Steve can be reached by telephone on 07946 543053.