Brian, 76, is still out of home after floods

A 76-year-old man is still out of his home after the devastating Boxing Day floods swept through Mytholmroyd.

Monday, 25th July 2016, 9:00 am

Brian Skinner had lived at Elphaborough Close since 2005, but was one of many victims hit by the disaster as unprecedented levels of water battered the upper Calder Valley.

Living in a ground floor flat, he struggled to save his possessions in the matter of minutes it took for the flood levels to rise.

Mr Skinner lost everything in the flood, including his collection of train memorabilia, all his photographs, furniture, clothing, DVDs and music.

It was an unsettling time for those who lived at Elphaborough Close, with many residents forced to move out of their homes to nearby towns and villages.

Mr Skinner now lives in temporary accommodation in Walsden, but had to live in a hotel in the immediate aftermath of the floods. He says he is happy that he has a “roof over his head” at the moment, but is hoping to return home to Mytholmroyd, where his brother and friends live.

He was supported through his ordeal by Horton Housing’s Upper Valley Older Person’s Support Service (UVOPSS). A support worker gave Mr Skinner support with important documents and housing needs including filling out forms for insurance and grants.

A support worker visits Mr Skinner once a week to help him settle in his new flat, phone people on his behalf and liase with his landlord.

Mr Skinner says he is grateful for the support the service has given him in his time of crisis and now feels like his “life is getting back on track”.

He now hopes to move back to Mytholmroyd in time for Christmas, but will be living in a different flat, further away from the river. Mr Skinner is now focused on his new flat, choosing decorations, furniture and collecting items to make the place feel more like his home.

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