£2.5m’s a whole lotto money you’ve raised!

Tracy Gibson, owner Adam Dipoti and Andrea Samson from Camelot, at Todmorden News Centre
Tracy Gibson, owner Adam Dipoti and Andrea Samson from Camelot, at Todmorden News Centre

Customers of a National Lottery outlet have contributed a staggering £2.5 million to good causes since the lottery began.

In the 18 years since the National Lottery began, Todmorden News Centre, Bridge Street, which was formerly Cryer’s News Centre for many years, is one of the busiest stores of its size in the north west where lottery ticket sales are concerned.

It means customers have contributed around £1,800 each week towards good causes, including local projects as well as national ones.

Retail sales executive for Camelot, which runs the National Lottery, Andrea Samson said certificates were being awarded to some of the busiest outlets as part of the lottery’s Lotto revamp this weekend, with some amazing figures emerging.

Andrea, whose area includes parts of East Lancashire and border towns like Todmorden said: “It’s a fantastic amount. It’s definitely one of my best independent stores. And a large proportion of that money is going back into local things - charities, schools, health services and so on.”

Todmorden organisations which have benefited over the last 12 months include St Joseph’s School, which received £9,231 for some multi-activity apparatus and playground games markings, St Michael’s Church at Cornholme which received £85,000 and the Old Library Group at Cornholme which received £49,600 to convert the building into a community centre.

Todmorden News Centre owner Mr Adam Dipoti said he was amazed to see the amount generated from the shop over the years. “My brother-in-law who has a shop at Hindley, near Wigan, was telling me around £200,000 worth had gone through his shop but this was ten times that! It’s thanks to the public for their support and the amount of money they have raised for good causes,” he said.

He added: “I know people have mixed views about the changes coming in but I think it has improved it a lot and the chance of winning a smaller prize is a lot better.”