Adrian’s advice to budding 

Businessman Adrian Ashton is mentoring budding entrepreneurs to start up their own firms in 2014
Businessman Adrian Ashton is mentoring budding entrepreneurs to start up their own firms in 2014

Is it your new year’s resolution to start your own firm? If so, an upper Calder Valley businessman might be able to help you achieve your goal.

Businessman Adrian Ashton, of Todmorden, has supported various enterprises throughout the upper Calder Valley - and beyond - over the years.

And he is offering his coaching and mentoring services to budding entrepreneurs in 2014.

“Starting your own business is heady, exciting, scary, brave, rewarding - the list goes on,” Adrian said.

“But many will be destined to fail, and most within their first year.

“And it’s not because your idea isn’t any good but because, generally speaking, we’re not very good at being entrepreneurs. It’s not something they teach us at school, and what we see of them on TV shows like Dragons’ Den and The Apprentice doesn’t always inspire us either.

“That’s why having an enterprise coach or mentor is so important – not only in helping keep you motivated to keep those resolutions, but also in asking all the right questions of yourself and your business idea to make sure both have got the best possible chance of transforming the world.

“A good coach or mentor can help make sure your dream fulfils its potential and its wheels don’t drop off before you’re even half way there.”

Adrian, who has won awards for his mentoring role, said the key thing for any new business is to talk to other people and gather support.

“If you have friends and family who are understanding of what you are trying to achieve, that’s great,” he said.

“Talk to your bank manager. It may be that you can get a better rate in the first couple of months.

“If your bank manager knows you are changing the way you are earning from fixed salary to more mixed, they are more likely to be understanding and flexible.

“And go and talk to other local businesses who are in and around town. That can be a wonderful source of knowledge and support.”