Decision condemns town to dereliction and desecration

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ONCE again our local council, and the Calderdale planning committee, have shown the drive and dedication required to reduce this town to dereliction and desecration.

The existence of the status quo, the derelict land, the scaffolding on the town hall, and the prevention of investment in this town must come before all other considerations.

Perhaps, instead of the navel-gazing that must occupy much of their time, they could occasionally look up and observe that the presence of supermarkets does not damage the chances of Todmorden becoming the market town they so desire.

In fact the presence of these markets may enhance it by bringing people into the town.

Do they not see the effects on other reasonably close market towns (Otley – at least two major supermarkets, a thriving market and busy shopping streets; Clitheroe – FIVE major supermarkets, a thriving market and busy shopping streets) and consider that this could also happen to this town?

We must hope, for the sake of Todmorden, that Sainsbury’s do appeal the decision and that they are successful in that appeal.

Peter R. Wood,