Double your email marketing results

Lee Kenny from Snowflake Media, (left)
Lee Kenny from Snowflake Media, (left)

Whether you are an author, business person, a band or perhaps a charity, your ability to communicate to a relevant audience is key to your success and arguably the best way to do this (after face to face) is via email.

Last week’s article covered the importance of using social media and your website to offer enough value that people were happy to share their contact details with you. In dealing with companies and businesses in 3 continents and of all sizes, here are 3 things you can do to ensure you get better results from your email marketing.

Top 3 tips for effective email marketing in small businesses

Tip 1: Test your subject lines.

Avoid the boring “Weekly newsletter” subject line. Get creative and monitor how many people open the emails. Keep tweaking and you can alter the open rates significantly

Tip2: Don’t include too many links

If you include too many links you run the risk of the email going straight to junk or the spam folder. If people can’t read it, they can’t interact with you.

Tip 3: Be Consistent

Whether you choose daily, weekly or monthly, be consistent.

The easiest way to double your Email marketing results

Depending on what piece of research you read, the % of emails a business sends only 15 to 22% actually get opened. This means that typically 4 out of 5 emails sent never get opened or read. This could be for a number of reasons. This doesn’t necessarily mean that people are not interested in your email. After 3 days if you resend it to those people who didn’t open the original email you’ll find a similar number of people will open the email. Repeat 7 days after the original mailing (remembering to take out those that opened the 1st & 2nd email) and most companies find their original results have doubled.

Lee Kenny

Managing Director

Snowflake Media