It’s the pits! A646 dug up more than 500 times in three years

Some of the most recent roadworks on the A646, at Eastwood, Todmorden, this week
Some of the most recent roadworks on the A646, at Eastwood, Todmorden, this week

Shocking figures relating to the number of roadworks have revealed the extent of the daily misery drivers face when travelling on the main route through the Calder Valley.

The busy A646 route between Todmorden and Halifax has been dug up a staggering 550 times in the past 36 months, a Freedom of Information request revealed.

And a grand total of 169 of those works required traffic lights.

This means that the thousands of commuters who use the route everyday face, on average, at least one set of traffic lights and around four sets of roadworks a week.

This week, motorists travelling to and from Todmorden face disruption at Eastwood where roadworks and temporary traffic signals are currently in place.

And until Tuesday evening, work was also being carried out on a Mytholmroyd stretch of Burnley Road.

Both are just recent disruptions on a route which has long been blighted by tailbacks as a constant stream of roadworks are carried out.

Figures show that in the last three years, 188 notices were served by Yorkshire Water, 183 were served by BT, 78 by Northern Gas, 51 by Northernpowergrid, 45 by Calderdale Council and three by Network Rail.

In addition, there were two highway maintenance capital schemes, both of which required traffic lights.

Calderdale Council said it does impose restrictions on planned works, if necessary, to limit disruption.

Ian Gray, Calderdale Council’s director of economy and environment, said: “The roadworks on Burnley Road over the last three years have varied in timescale and have been a mix of minor and major works.

“The road stretches from Todmorden to King Cross, so although the amount of works may sound high, this is over a large area.

“The vast majority of these works were conducted by utility companies – less than 10 per cent of the works were carried out by the council.

“All utility companies, whether gas, electric or water, have a duty to notify the council as well as each other when planning any road works.

“We do oversee this, and have the power to impose restrictions on planned works if we feel it is necessary, for example, we may ask that the work is done outside of the rush hour to limit disruption, if this is possible.”

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