New figures show rise in unemployment for region’s women


Unemployment in Yorkshire and the Humber has risen by 3,000 in the last three months, according to figures released today (Wednesday).

However, the statistics are most worrying for women, with female unemployment in the region increasing by 12,000 in the last quarter from 100,000 to 112,000. This now represents a 10,000 increase over the last 12 months.

Neil Foster, Policy and Campaigns Officer for the Yorkshire and the Humber TUC said: “There are now 10,000 more women out of work in Yorkshire than there were a year ago and the latest trends look even worse with 12,000 more out of work since the last quarter of the year.

“The Government’s slash and burn approach to public services are putting women disproportionately in the firing line since they make up two thirds of the public service workers.

“With the bulk of spending cuts still to take place this problem will likely continue to worsen and yet there’s no evidence that the coalition Government has a considered response to it.

“George Osborne may claim that we’re in the middle of a recovery and are all in this together, but women in Yorkshire know as well as any that this is not the case. We need a balanced and sustainable economic plan that delivers jobs for women and men in all regions but at the moment the Government doesn’t appear to have one.”