Now let’s get Hope Street to work for benefit of all of us

BY now most of you will be aware that we have won the first round of our battle against Sainsbury’s supermarket.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported us in our fight and objected to the proposed plans either by signing our petitions, emailing the planning office or by actually putting pen to paper and writing to Calderdale

A big thank you must go to Coun Ian Cooper. who has worked tirelessly on behalf of the objectors and without whose work and support, the task would have been much more difficult. He has put hours and hours of work into supporting us and we are very, very grateful

Thank you also to Coun Geraldine Carter for her supportive words at the planning meeting, not only in her role as councillor but also as vice-president of the British Market Association. Thank you also to all Todmorden councillors for standing by us and actively showing us your support.

A thank you also must go to the seven good and true men of the planning committee. Thank you for supporting your electors and showing us that by standing together as a community, we can be heard and we can make a difference. To the chairman of the planning committee, thank you for your closing comments. We are certainly taking them on board.

Thanks also to all the people who supported us on Tuesday along with banners at the Town Hall in Halifax. You were great.

Although we have won the first round, we cannot rest on our laurels. We need to continue to work together to put the Hope Street site to good use for the benefit of Todmorden. Suggestion boxes will be put around the market and in the Bear Wholefoods for your ideas. Please give this matter some serious thought as to what we could put on the site in question.

The figures mentioned in the Todmorden News (August 7) were incorrect. As mentioned at the planning meeting the 80 per cent were against the supermarket coming to Todmorden, not, as stated, in favour.

So come on Todmordians. Let’s have your suggestions and keep our town a town to be proud of.

Jean Hartley, Secretary, SORTIT, Todmorden.