Show them how pants we think eyesores are

The Todmorden Time For Change group are demanding action
The Todmorden Time For Change group are demanding action

If you think the state of eyesore sites ariound the town is pants, then you’re invited to bring yours along for sa Valentine’s Day protest.

A campaign group called Todmorden Time For Change has begun a petition demanding action be taken at sites including Abraham Ormerod Centre/Olympia Cinema sites, the Halifax Road site, and that at Cinderhill, Todmorden, also backing Calderdale Council action to use statutory powers to ensure they are at least tidied.

The petition, accessible at the Todmorden Time For Change Facebook site, states: “For over a decade some of these sites have blighted our beautiful market town.

“This petition demonstrates the wishes of the people, and sends a strong message to politicians and the land owners. The Ormerod and Olympia Cinema: We believe that Asda the owners of the worst town centre ey sores should act responsibly and create a temporary public green space and additional parking places, until a decision is made regarding the site.

“The Halifax Road site could be transformed by levelling and secure fencing.

“Cinderhill Mill is the gateway to Todmorden and urgently requires flattening and greening. Make your voice heard by signing this petition, people power can and does make a difference.”

On Valentine’s Day the group will have copies of the petition to sign at various sites around Todmorden and are visually making their protest seen as well as heard.

“If you think the Ormerod Cehntre looks pants, bring some to peg on our line - pants, undercrackers, briefs, kecks, knickers, duds, longjohns, bloomers - or drop them off ahead of the 14 
th at Cheeky Sew and Sew in Dale Street.

“This can be our message to the site owners asking them to love our town,” 
they say.