Todmorden can make great strides, if we take them together

UNITY is the key to attracting investment to Todmorden, believes Coun Ian Cooper, and the town centre development brief will be key to this.

“The general economic climate is such that to attract investors and developers, we must as a community demonstrate that we have a town worthy of that investment, that we share a common vision for its success and that we take every opportunity to promote its economic health and well-being,” he said.

“I remain convinced that tourism, with vision, drive and investment, will provide that much-needed sustainable employment opportunity for the youth of our town.

“Again, we are aware of interested parties who would like to invest - given the right circumstances and support.”

There were numerous sites within Todmorden which were suitable for a myriad of uses, which when coupled with good transport links should make them an attractive proposition.

For example, regarding supermarket developments the overarching principle of protecting the vibrancy and vitality of the market town was provided for within Calderdale Council’s Unitary Development Plan (UDP), and this objective was repeated in the Bramsche Square development brief.

Calderdale Council’s planning committee came to the conclusion that potential over-intensification by a fourth supermarket was unsustainable and would be prejudicial to its fundamental objective of protecting its town centre, said Coun Cooper, and was rejected.

It is not yet known whether Sainsbury’s, who were the interested party for the Halifax Road site in question, will appeal.

But Asda are closer to beginning development.

“I am confident that if we all pull together, crossing those political boundaries, there is every reason to be optimistic about our future.

“I for one am excited about what we can achieve if we really try and as an elected member you have my assurance that I will continue to strive to achieve that vision,” he said.