Todmorden is supposed to be a market, as opposed to a supermarket, town

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MY husband and I do agree with the Town Council voting against Sainsbury’s application to build on the Halifax Road site.

I do challenge your reporting on the “survey” of 80 per cent of Todmorden people wanting the supermarket. I feel the question asked was, “do you prefer the design?”

I know of far more people in Todmorden who definitely do not want another supermarket in Todmorden. This town is supposed to be a market town. A supermarket built on Halifax Road will not encourage shoppers to shop in the town.

We already have two sites more central where, if we did have to have another supermarket, they would be better suited i.e. the old Abraham Ormerod Centre/Olympia Cinema or the old doctors’ surgery.

These two sites are far more central, especially near to the bus station, for people without their own transport and might encourage more shopping in the town.

My husband and I would much prefer the idea of a marina with cafes and a hotel, which Todmorden is short of. This would equally give job opportinities in the town. People travelling to Hebden Bridge, Haworth etc, would stop in Todmorden, not just pass through, and probably still shop in the town.

There is only one site for this option and that is the proposed site on Halifax Road. If the proposed building for Sainsbury’s is built on that site, the option for a marina has gone forever.

There is no reason why we couldn’t have both.

I do feel that another supermarket would just mean the closing of more shops and possibly one of the existing supermarkets, giving us even more disused and empty derelict buildings.

Janet and Don Case