Businesses hit by network problem

Terrible phone reception in Todmorden, says local businessman, Adrian Ashton
Terrible phone reception in Todmorden, says local businessman, Adrian Ashton

bUSINESSES and residents have spoken of their frustration at being unable to use their mobile phones for a week due to a problem with the network in Todmorden.

On Tuesday, August 28, Vodafone customers began to have difficulty getting a signal on their mobiles.

Some were unable to make or receive calls until the fault was fixed earlier this week, which resulted in businesses seeing their trade affected and residents unable to contact friends and relatives.

Businessman Adrian Ashton, of Burnley Road, Todmorden, resorted to driving miles away in order to get a signal on his phone so he could get in touch with clients.

“Having to drive out of town towards Rochdale, Burnley and Halifax to pick up calls or receive messages has been difficult in terms of missing work,” he said.

“In terms of business, I have been able to keep in with all my customers and suppliers.

“But I know other people who have had more problems.”

Adrian said a major concern, given the flooding that has hit the upper Calder Valley this summer, has been the inability to receive automated flood alerts due to the network problem.

“A lot of people are registered for the automated flood alerts,” he said.

“Wherever we are, we all get the message straight away.

“With the network down, we have not been able to access that.

“It has been on our minds. Fortunately there was no flooding.”

Felicity Brown, of Todmorden, said people were frustrated with the level of customer service.

“Information from Vodafone has been almost impossible to get,” she said.

“I know there are many angry people in Todmorden - people losing business without their phones to say nothing of inconvenience in personal lives.”

A spokesperson for Vodafone said it has five sites in the area which serve Todmorden, two of which had problems with the links.

The links are provided by a third party and Vodafone asked the supplier to fix them as a priority.

The matter was resolved on Tuesday, September 4.