Call out for more volunteers to help Todmorden’s Toad Patrol

Rescue: Helping save the animals. Picture: Jennie Smith
Rescue: Helping save the animals. Picture: Jennie Smith

The call is out for more volunteer helpers to join special patrols as Todmorden becomes Toadmorden as spring approaches.

Every year, between late February and early April, toads, frogs and newts return to their ancestral breeding ponds.

But in modern times, this can cause serious safety problems for the animals and the aim is to give them a helping hand where possible.

They emerge around dusk on warmer evenings, often navigating roads where many hundreds of them are killed by often unknowing vehicles each year.

However, the charity Froglife has been running the Toads on Roads project for over 20 years and there is an active local group in Calderdale and who would greatly appreciate your help - no previous experience is necessary.

A spokesperson said: “First of all, please be extra vigilant when driving during this time as both toads and our volunteers will be on the roads. The main patrol areas around Todmorden are Woodhouse Road, Lumbutts Road, Dobroyd/Pexwood Road, The Mount, Cross Stone Road and Portsmouth Dam in Cornholme.

“Additionally, if you would like to be involved with your local toad patrol, please contact us. You can email us at or see our Facebook page

“You can also see more information about the project as a whole on the Froglife website - go to http/ Forglife can also be reached by calling 01733 602102,” she said.