Campaign team set up to oppose ‘bedroom tax’

'Bedroom tax' campaigners collecting signatures on Todmorden Market
'Bedroom tax' campaigners collecting signatures on Todmorden Market

A campaigning group has been formed to hand out leaflets and collect signatures on a petition opposing the “bedroom tax”.

The group was established as a result of a public meeting at Todmorden Town Hall last week to discuss the potential impact of the new measure, which came into effect last month.

More than 40 people including local councillors, a support group and members of the public attended the meeting.

A representative from Pennine Housing was also present to help answer questions and offer advice to people who would be affected by the tax.

Todmorden town councillor Jayne Booth said: “The meeting was extremely productive and a small campaigning committee was formed and agreed to hand out leaflets and collect signatures on Todmorden Market on Saturday morning.

“The campaigning group had a very visible presence on the market and collected many signatures.

“Almost every person asked wanted to sign the petition as people felt that this reform is unjust, disgusting and immoral.”

Coun Booth will present the petition to the next full meeting of Calderdale Council.

Research has shown that Todmorden has the second highest number of houses affected by the bedroom tax and under occupancy.

“At this moment in time there is not the housing stock to re-house those affected, even if they wanted to move,” Coun Booth said.

“The cost to the social landlord to evict a tenant is somewhere in the region of £15,000.

“This has a knock-on cost to the tax payer in relation to legal aid for the tenant facing eviction and future presentations by people presenting as homeless.

“It seems that this point alone makes the ‘bedroom tax’ reform questionable.”

For more information about the “bedroom tax” campaign, contact Coun Jayne Booth or Coun Josef Rez via Todmorden Town Council.