‘Can we recover from this?’ Burglars ransack flooded business

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A Hebden Bridge business which fell victim to last year’s devastating floods was dealt a second blow when it was hit by burglars just before Christmas.

Toby Rainland and Stella Bird, owners of The Bicycle Den, Hebble End, have faced a tough year to bounce back from the disaster.

A stressful 12 months was made all the more difficult when they discovered five electric bikes, worth around £8,000 in total, had been stolen on December 23.

Ms Rainland said: “We were flooded on Boxing Day when the river overflowed into the canal and we didn’t reopen until May.

“It was heartbreaking to see our modest business devastated by water, mud and sewage, but the theft of all of our electric bikes is a second blow to the business.

“It feels more personal and puts into question whether we can recover from this.

“Yes we do have insurance in place, but what about the premiums? The cost of increased security measures? The cost if we re-stock and it happens again? I appreciate that this dilemma applies to all small independant bicycle business’ but our financial loss after the floods has taken its toll.”

The pair have now urged the culprits to leave the bikes somewhere where they can be recovered. Ms Rainland says the electric bikes are “useless” to whoever has taken them as they do not have the keys or chargers.

Anyone with any information is asked to call West Yorkshire Police via 101, quoting log 320 of December 23.