Candidates set up extra way to test opinion on Sainsbury’s

TWO council candidates in last May’s town council elections are urging people to vote on an on-line blog spot they have set up specifically to gauge public opinion over Sainsbury’s store application.

Calderdale councillors voted to turn down the plans for a store on Halifax Road last month, the issue being one of the most discussed around town in all forums, including the Todmorden News letters columns and website, this summer.

Philip Walters, who was a Todmorden Town Councillor for Stansfield ward until the May elections, and fellow Liberal Democrat candidate Chris Baksa have both had members of the public stopping them to talk about the issue since the spring.

Many of them were in favour of a Sainsbury’s store, he said, so both decided to take things a step further, establishing the blog spot at specifically for the purpose.

Philip said: “I think the issue has been really one-sided and there are two sides to every story. If so many people write to you and stop people like myself and Chris in the street to talk about it, that’s something.”

Chris, who set up the blog, said it had been set up so people could only vote once to avoid supporters of either side on the argument from voting over and over again.

Both Phil and Chris said a lot of people had complained to them that they wanted a Sainsbury’s but felt their views had not been taken on board. They hope to present their findings to Todmorden Town Council, which recommended refusal of the store plan..