Capturing the moment with some snowy snapshots

Families sledging in Cragg Vale
Families sledging in Cragg Vale
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My, didn’t it snow last week!

Many of you, as well as staff photographers, were busy snapping away in the aftermath.

Budding snow sculptors got in some extra practice as icy figures appeared at various parts of our landscape, and the Calder Valley took on a distinctly Alpine look last Saturday, for a day at least.

It seems to be bringing the animals out too, as two shots taken in different parts of Todmorden on two different days display, with little deer appearing pretty close to some fairly populated areas!

And, of course, people took the opportunity to do some winter walking or got on board their sledges for some pure fun.

People made the most of it, and a good job too - because by Sunday the vast bulk of it had gone!