Carnival gets back its £400 '˜fine' from council

CALDERDALE COUNCIL have refunded the £400 fine which had been imposed on Todmorden Carnival.

Monday, 3rd July 2017, 1:26 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd July 2017, 1:31 pm
Todmorden Carnival

Carnival chairman Philip Clarke has welcomed the news, as the money, imposed after the council hired experts to examine potential lorry damage to Centre Vale Park, Todmorden’s, flood drainage system, would have come from funds which are donated to charity after event costs have been covered.

The carnival had been fined after a lorry reversed off some protective matting and an £800 fine was split between the carnival and a lorry unrelated to the carnival which had sped across the grass.

Last year the council introduced weight restrictions on vehicles allowed on the surface and guidelines on protective matting which should be used where necessary.

Mr Clarke said: “Calderdale Council have given us our money back. When they had to report it showed it was more to do with the other vehicle and have refunded the whole £400.”

Any organsation using the park can be subject to fines - or responsibility for costs - if sensitive areas, where flood alleviation drainage piping is close to the surface.

Mr Clarke pointed out to the newspaper when he was originally informed of the cost that is was almost impossible to watch every vehicle movement every second of the time despite protective matting in place and measures taken where appropriate.