It's always wonderful to lay claim to something unique - and the Sowerby Bridge Rushbearing festival is just that - the only one of its kind in Yorkshire.

Friday, 2nd September 2016, 10:00 am
Sowerby Bridge Rushbearing Festival. 400 Roses dance at St Patrick's Sacred Heart, Bolton Brow.

The festival which takes place this weekend (September 3-4) celebrates what happened in the 17th century when local villages would come together to lay fresh rushes on local church floors.

These days this spectacle involves a mammoth procession around Sowerby Bridge and Sowerby of Morris Dancers, Mummers, musicians, folk dancers and a 16ft tall rushcart with a young woman aboard, pulled by 60 men wearing Panama hats, white shirts, black trousers and clogs. Go to www.rushbearing.com for all details.