Centre hopes to get by with help from more Friends

Cynthia Murray and Jacqui Matthews at Todmorden Information Centre.
Cynthia Murray and Jacqui Matthews at Todmorden Information Centre.

Todmorden Information Centre (TIC) is looking to make new “Friends” who can help it continue to provide its valuable service for another year.

Trustees and staff are encouraging people to become Friends of the TIC and make donations to help cover its running costs for 2013/14.

Last month, the TIC applied for a £18,400 grant from Todmorden Town Council to cover its staffing costs for another year.

Councillors decided to award £14,400 - a similar amount to the previous year - and now the TIC is looking to make up the shortfall.

Trustee Cynthia Murray said: “We are very pleased that Todmorden Town Council has agreed to support us like they have done again this year.

“Last year they asked us to be more proactive in finding grants, which we have tried to do.

“But obviously people will not give grants for salaries.

“We have managed to get grants for various things and we have been more active this year in working with the local community, businesses and schools to promote them through the TIC.

“We are going to have to work extra hard in the next 12 months to make up the £4,000 shortfall that they have not given us.”

Mrs Murray said anybody who would like to become a Friend of the TIC and make a donation would be very welcome.

“From as little as £10 a year you can help the TIC stay open,” she said.

“Todmorden Information Centre is unusual in that it’s run by a local trust, not by the local authority.

“It’s self-funding, with the assistance of Todmorden Town Council.

“It relies on volunteers and donations.

“About 40 people are Friends at the moment, but obviously we would like more.

“The Information Centre Trust is proud of its record of service for the people of Todmorden and providing visitors with a focal point for all that the town has to offer.

“We are striving to put Todmorden on the map.”

For more information about the Friends of the TIC scheme, call into the centre, on Burnley Road, or call 01706 818181.