Class of ‘76 to ‘81 set to reunite

Former Todmorden High School students who made up the class of ‘76 are getting ready to hold a reunion this spring.

Wednesday, 25th March 2015, 5:57 am

They were one of the last years who actually began their senior school careers at different schools.

They went to either Todmorden Secondary School or Todmorden Grammar School from August 1976 - at the end of a scorching summer which saw the town a hairsbreadth away from standpipes - to spend their first two years at either Ewood Lane or Ferney Lee Road respectively. They did their O-levels, CSEs and Sixteen Plus qualifications in summer 1981.

In 1978 the schools joined together when comprehensive education came to the town, and for a couple of years it operated on both the sites, which involved travelling from one to the other on shuttle buses.

They have all either just marked their 50th birthday, or are about to, hence the reunion at Walsden Cricket Club, Scott Street, on Friday, May 15, from 7.30pm onwards, said co-organiser Andrea Highley, nee Bennett.

A pie and peas supper for £3 is optional and to indicate your attendanfce, and whether you would like supper, contact Andrea or Wayne Morrison by Facebook.

So if you remember classmates like David Arrowsmith, Paul Bowker, Sally Boswell and Donna Varley, it’s your year.

Teaching staff included Mike Kershaw - still at Todmorden High School - Mrs Button, Mr Bourne, Mrs Ryder Mrs Greenwood, Mr Hampshire, Mrs Heywood, two Mr Smiths, Mrs Lomax, two Mr Wards and Peter Durham, who was head of fifth year, among others.