Cleaners dash to help Lucky pooch in peril

The Lucky Dog in Centre Vale Park, Todmorden
The Lucky Dog in Centre Vale Park, Todmorden

There have been canine cheers for Calderdale Council after it came to the rescue when Todmorden’s popular pooch was in peril.

The Lucky Dog in Centre Vale Park was left feeling a bit rough last week when vandals daubed graffiti on it.

But the mucky pup barked up the right tree by tweeting Calderdale Council to ask for the the graffiti cleaners to come out to help.

The council’s safer, cleaner, greener team sprang into action and the Lucky Dog was soon looking like a handsome hound again.

The prestine pooch took to Twitter afterwards to say thank you.

“It was great that @robintuddenham CMBC responded but also great that @richierhys reported it.

“Twitter is fun but it is also effective for promoting the town and getting things done.

“Well done to all concerned for using this great social media for positive ends.”

Andrew Pitts, Calderdale Council’s head of neighbourhoods, said: “The ‘lucky’ dog statue in Centre Vale Park has become a hugely popular attraction after shooting to national fame.

“We know how much local people value the ‘lucky’ dog and the park, and both of these attract visitors to Todmorden from all over the country.

“As soon as we heard that there was graffiti on the statue last Thursday evening, the council’s safer, cleaner, greener team swung into action to prepare the clean up.

“Armed with graffiti wipes, one of the team members cleaned the statue the following day.

“All the graffiti has now gone and the popular pooch is back to being ‘top dog’.”

The vandals have yet to be collared.