Climate campaigner marching to Paris

Heading to Paris last weekend: Joe Mobbs
Heading to Paris last weekend: Joe Mobbs

A campaignerhas been marching from Todmorden to Paris, France, to make his protest over action taken - or not taken - to ward off climate change.

Joseph Mobbs, one of the organisers of Village of Climate Alternatives, Alternatiba Todmorden, festival held last spring, said he was just one of millions of people protesting across the world this week, aiming for a showdown with climate deregulation, demanding a “strong, binding and just” international agreement at the United Nations summit now being held there.

He said: “I am marching to Paris because agreement at the UN summit in Paris to reduce emissions is the last hope for millions of people. Climate change is the biggest threat to global security since the asteroid that made the dinosaurs extinct, 65 million years ago.”

Alternatiba Todmorden attracted over 500 people of all ages and backgrounds and gave organisations and individuals already tackling climate change the opportunity to present their solutions to the public, said Joe.

Alternatiba Todmorden raised funds for victims of the climate catastrophe earlier this year in Vanuatu, which was hit by a cyclone leaving thousands homeless.

A cheque for £500 was given to Todmorden Lions Club and Lions International, said Joe, adding: “Lions are people who do extraordinary things to help others and support good causes. Todmorden Lions Club supports a range of good causes and projects at home and abroad.”

Joe set off from Todmorden in the direction of Brighouse before hitching a lift to Sheffield and as well as marching 15-20 km a day and hitchhiking was using public transport to get to Paris in time for the demonstrations and activities.

There will also be climate talks in Calderdale at the same time as discussions are happening at the UN summit with a Paris Talks event at Halifax Minster from 10am till 2pm on December 5, he said.