Column: One more incredible celebration in Todmorden

Celebrating the new work done on the canal from library lock to Key Sike Lane
Celebrating the new work done on the canal from library lock to Key Sike Lane

Our town Mayor Councillor Christine potter and her Consort Lynne came out to celebrate the new work done on the canal from library lock to Key Sike Lane.

The library kindly allowed us to use one of their rooms for brews, fancy cakes and conversations.

The whole thing was a joint effort between the Calderdale in Recovery team, Private builders, Anna- special gardener Gugan, the Canal and Rivers Trust and council, it’s a tricky thing getting everyone on the same page. If you haven’t seen our beds along the stretch of towpath by Key Sike Lane, do go down there and smile, thanks to the recovery team there is a very handsome bench to take your ease and bide a while.

When and if we get the bridge painted as promised by the council it will be the icing on the cake, the ugly graffiti is the one thing that lets down the canal side at Fielden Warf when showing visitors around Tod, they are very gracious and never mention it but we see them looking.

The tour season ends for this year at the end of the month but at the moment there is still a lot of interest, last week we had 22 students and four members of staff from Legta Fonlabour agricultural college, Albi, France who came to listen to a talk about what we do and a to have a tour of the town centre growing sites. They loved the town and The Unitarian Church which is such a great venue for meeting and greeting visitors and doing presentations, especially with its big screen to show PowerPoints or films on. With a brew kitchen and a food kitchen plus toilets its very practical and its stained glass and marble pillars make it magical too, no wonder our tours often come back for another look bringing new folk with them to look at, and shop in our local businesses and eateries. This week we have folk from Japan, Sheffield, Durham and Leeds, so still coming from far and near to take in all the good things our quirky market town has to offer, they are even happy to walk in Tod rain, it’s incredible.