Conservatives ID’d after hitch left Party label blank

A TECHNICALITY has meant candidates who are standing for the Conservative Party in the Todmorden Town Council elections on May 5 have not been identified as such.

Coun Ian Cooper, Todmorden ward councillor on Calderdale Council who is standing for town council in Stoodley ward, said the problem was regrettable and the party wanted to make it clear who its candidates were.

Coun Cooper said: “It is regrettable, but it is important to ensure that electors are not inadvertently misled as to precisely who will be standing for the Conservative Party in various wards. So for the avoidance of doubt the candidates and wards are listed below.”

Stoodley ward, Ian Cooper (Conservative Party); Walsden ward, Andrew John Hartley (Conservative Party); Langfield ward, Michael David St George Kirke (Conservative Party); Central ward, Julie Louise Stansfield (Conservative Party) and Matthew Parker (Conservative Party).

Coun Cooper said that on Polling Day it would also be necessary to identify with this information, as the ballot papers would not identify the above as Conservative representatives - that space would be blank.