Contesting the Calderdale seats

RESIDENTS in the upper Calder Valley are one step closer to having their say on the future of Calderdale.

The deadline for candidates to register to stand for council seats has passed and the list of names vying for the Calder, Todmorden and Luddenden Foot wards have been announced.

Nominees for the Calder ward are Stephen Denis Curry (Independent), Gail Patricia Lund (Conservative), Alan Patrick McDonald (Green), Hywel Morgan (Liberal Democrat) and Dave Young (Labour).

The Todmorden ward will be contested by Jayne Booth (Labour), Olwen Jennings (Lib Dem), David Jones(BPP), David William O’Neill (Independent), Julie Louise Stansfield (Conservative) and Kate Sweeny (Green).

Nominees for Luddenden Foot are John Boje Frederiksen (Lib Dem), Richard Hugh Marshall (Conservative) and Simon Robert Young (Labour and Co-operative).

Voters will go to the ballot box on May 5.