Council boosts carnival funds

Todmorden Carnival Day from halifax Road to Centre Vale Park, Todmorden'Pictured is:-
Todmorden Carnival Day from halifax Road to Centre Vale Park, Todmorden'Pictured is:-

COUNCILLORS have given a £2,500 grant to the Todmorden Carnival committee to help run the 2011 event.

The carnival committee applied to Todmorden town council for funding to contribute towards the cost of putting health and safety measures in place to make to parade route safer.

Philip Clarke, chairman of the carnival committee, said: “We have got to look at some way of making the parade safer. We can only use half the road so we are planning on getting some signs saying ‘Carnival - slow’ and hopefully any vehicles coming down the street will see them.

“We are looking at doing away with floats and putting more foot tableaux on due to health and safety concerns.”

Mr Clarke told members of the town council’s amenities committee that he had requested the stretch of Burnley Road between the town centre and Centre Vale Park be closed on carnival afternoon, but was told this would not be feasible.

He is hoping for a better year in 2011 as heavy rain put a dampener on last year’s event.

“We had a bad year,” he said. “The weather was bad and the gate receipts were down.”

In addition to the increased road safety costs, the town council grant will also help to pay for security, portable toilets and repairs to the marquee.

Coun David O’Neill felt that the road should be shut while the carnival parade was taking place. “If we are talking about bringing groups of people and marching bands with traffic coming past them on the right hand side, I’m just worried what the insurance will be,” he said.

Coun John Rodgers said: “The carnival is really important and we have always supported it and I think we want to carry on supporting it. It’s a relatively small number of people who do all the work.”

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