Council gives meeting rooms grant go-ahead

Shirley Fielder and Mike Hall, directors of the Todmorden Community Resource Centre.
Shirley Fielder and Mike Hall, directors of the Todmorden Community Resource Centre.

Directors of a social hub for groups and organisations are rejoicing following Todmorden Town Council’s decision to release an essential grant.

Todmorden Community Resource Centre (TCRC) was launched in October 2012 and now offers more than 55 groups an affordable meeting space.

Earlier this month, directors Shirley Fielder and Mike Hall feared that the service offered by the centre, based at the Old Bakery, Lever Street Car Park, would be at risk if the grant of £2,000 to cover running costs was not paid.

They argued that support from the local authority was vital in applying and securing other grants in the future.

Following the decision, Mr Hall said: “Now the spectre of not being able to apply for other grants is gone.

“From nothing, since the money came through we’ve had two people step up and offer to help us.

“The money can be used for anything apart from rent, we are taking advice for how we can spend the money and we are being careful that we are being completely transparent.

“We hope to move forward. There is a relief, but now the hard work starts,” added Mr Hall.

“TCRC is now getting ready to start the bid process to ensure its future, and now, with Todmorden Council support and help that future looks much better.”

The decision to release the grant ends a long impasse between the centre and the council, who had sought legal advice from the Yorkshire Local Councils Association about whether the centre was eligible for funding.

The matter was resolved at a meeting of the amenities committee on December 10.

Mayor of Todmorden, Michael Gill, said: “It’s a resource that many use in the town. I’m glad that it has finally got sorted - it shouldn’t have taken so long.”