Council’s £15k to repair stonework

TODMORDEN Town Council will contribute £15,000 towards the cost of repairs to stonework at Todmorden Town Hall.

After discussions with Calderdale Council, the town council has released the money from its building contingencies fund to Calderdale to enable work on the stonework to go ahead.

Work is likely to commence in late March or early April.

Coun Jayne Booth said: “We all want that scaffolding to come down and we all hope that by June this year it will have gone.”

Coun David O’Neill said: “I think the people of Todmorden will be pleased that this £15,000 will be used to repair the end of the building at which we have that terrible scaffolding, and in March or April we may have chance to get it down.”

Coun Margareta Holmstedt said the roof also needs attention.