Council will cost slightly less to run

HOUSEHOLDERS in Todmorden will pay slightly less to run the town council this year.

Due to an estimated reduction in spending, members of Todmorden town council last week unanimously voted in favour of a precept of £35.86 per household based on band D, which is six pence – or 0.17 per cent – lower than last year’s figure.

Councillors expect to spend a total of £237,280 in 2011/12, of which £184,121 will come from local council tax payers.

The remainder will come from grants and other sources.

Members felt that, given the current economic climate, it was right to reduce the precept.

Coun David O’Neill said: “In this climate, everybody is going to feel the pinch so it would be nice if we could have it a bit lower.

“In a year when it’s going to be very difficult for people to meet their costs, it would be very nice for Todmorden town council to make it lower than last year.”

Coun Margareta Holmstedt said the town council will be providing the same things for slightly less money.

Coun John Rodgers said making a decision on council tax was tricky.

“We don’t want to be putting up the precept by a colossal amount,” he said.

“At the same time, Calderdale Council are about to make millions of pounds of cuts and I think that’s going to impact on Todmorden like anywhere else.

“I think it will impact on the town council as more groups come to us for funding.

“It would be nice if we could have a high amount in balances but putting up the precept would be unsustainable.

“It’s a tricky one.”

Coun Rob Goldthorpe explained that some of the money raised by the precept will be spent on work on the town plan. The block grant the town council receives from Calderdale Council is £2,000 lower this year.

Calderdale Council has indicated that the amount it charges in council tax will be the same as last year’s figure.

The council had planned a two and a half per cent increase, but the receipt of a Government grant has resulted in no increase in 2011/12.

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