Alleged breach of Asbo order

A woman subject to an anti social behaviour order imposed following her actions at Bottomley, Walsden, is on trial at Leeds Crown Court facing allegations of breaching it in that city.

A trial heard Jeanne Wilding, 64, was allegedly in breach of the order when she entered the premises of Emmaus and St Vincent’s charity shops in Leeds and caused “harrassment, alarm or distress.”

The court heard Wilding went into shops and shouted at staff, refused to leave or stay away when asked and tried to leave without paying for items.

On one occasion the police were called and she was led away in handcuffs.

Wilding, of Millwright Street, Mabgate, Leeds, faces seven charges of breaching an Asbo.

She pleads not guilty to all charges.

Chloe Fairley, prosecuting, this week outlined aspects of the case against Wilding.

The jury was told Wilding made Mr David Kirk, a member of staff working for Emmaus, a charity based at St Mary’s Street which provides accommodation and work for the homeless, work for free and if he refused “flew into a rage” with him. Others involved alleged acts of intimidation at the St Vincent’s store on Lincoln Green Road, Leeds.

The case is proceeding.

Earlier this year Calderdale Council made an application to a judge sitting at Calderdale Magistrates Court to extend the order, which was originally imposed for five years. The hearing was adjourned pending the outcome of the Leeds case.