Judge jails burglar for 45 months

A MAN with a dreadful record for offences including house burglary has been jailed for 45 months.

Philip Brindley, 37, of Bobbin Mill Close, Todmorden, was sentenced by a judge at Bradford Crown Court on Tuesday after he admitted a night-time break-in at a house in Sowerby Bridge in June.

The court heard that the occupants of the property were in bed when Brindley got into the house on Oldham Road.

Prosecutor Gerald Hendron said when the owners woke up they found that a Honda Civic worth £15,000 and a van had both been driven away.

Mr Hendron said a police officer later spotted the Honda, with false plates on it, parked outside Brindley’s home.

Brindley was arrested and the keys to the Honda and the van were found in his home.

A second set of stolen registration plates were also found in the boot of the car.

The court heard details of a victim impact statement submitted by the complainants which indicated that they had suffered stress and inconvenience as a result of the burglary.

Mr Hendron said they had to battle with an insurance firm to get a hire car and also had to pay out more than £1,000 on the insurance excess.

A further £550 had to be paid out for new locks on the Honda vehicle.

Brindley, who had previous convictions for house burglary, admitted one offence of burglary, theft of the Honda and two charges relating to the theft of registration plates.

He also spoke to officers in the Burnley area and asked for two further burglaries committed in Bacup to be taken into consideration.

Judge Peter Benson said Brindley had a dreadful record of previous convictions and he noted that the defendant was jailed for three years for house burglaries in December 2009.

“These are all serious offences particularly for a man with your record,” the judge told Brindley.

“The victim impact statement in this case shows the amount of financial loss they have had and the inconvenience your actions have caused...and the distress caused to the family following your intrusion into their premises.”