Matt is your new bobby on the Tod beat

PCSO Matt Devlin is set to patrol the Todmorden beat
PCSO Matt Devlin is set to patrol the Todmorden beat

The upper Calder Valley’s newest PCSO (police community support officer) has vowed to do his utmost to help cut crime in the area.

PCSO Matt Devlin will start his first day on the beat of Todmorden tomorrow (Friday) and said he’s looking forward to getting out and about and making a difference in the community.

The 32-year-old had a long wait to join the police force - having first applied in his late teens - and now he’s got his foot in the door is determined to make the most of it.

“I applied to be a police officer when I was 19. I didn’t pass a couple of stages so I went away and got a bit of life experience,” he said.

“I came back from working abroad in 2008 and applied again. I passed all the tests, but because of the Government guts the position was taken away - I got a start date and everything but it never happened.

“The police weren’t going to recruit externally so I thought apply to be a special. It gave me an insight into the role and the police force.

“I enjoyed being a special working alongside regular officers and then an opportunity came up to apply to be a PCSO and I went for it and got it.

“To be out on my own tomorrow is something I am really looking forward to.”

PCSO Devlin, was a special constable in the Kirklees District for two years before becoming a PCSO, spent time in his twenties as a holiday rep, before becoming a sales rep for a brewery.

Having waited so long for his police career to start PCSO Devlin said he is keen to make up for lost time and has ambitions to become a regular officer.

“I’m going to bring enthusiasm to the job. I’m going to be out there and visible,” he said.

“I’m looking forward to meeting people and I want to try to try and help make a difference. I’m not one for sitting in an office pretending to be busy.”

PCSO Devlin, who lives in Huddersfield is active in his personal time and plays for a local football team. He is married.