Peter Boddy denies wrongdoing

The Todmorden slaughterhouse pictured earlier today
The Todmorden slaughterhouse pictured earlier today

Todmorden slaughterhouse owner Peter Boddy claims he is an innocent man caught up in the horse meat scandal.

Mr Boddy exclusively told the Courier today he is “fed-up” of the storm surrounding the Food Standards Agency investigation.

Overnight, national TV crews were camped outside his East Hey Head Farm as the horsemeat scandal focused on Calderdale.

Police were on site this morning and were not allowing press to park up outside the farm.

It is alleged horse carcasses were supplied to Farmbox Meats Ltd, in Aberystwyth, from Todmorden and the FSA has suspended operations at both plants.

Mr Boddy said: “I am seriously fed-up. This is totally wrong and I will be going to see my solicitor this morning.

“There has been Sky News and everybody here.

“I have done nothing wrong.”

He said any meat leaving his slaughterhouse was passed fit for human consumption.