Pick pocket warning in Huddersfield


Residents are being urged to beware of a pick pocketing scam in Huddersfield following a theft from a 72-year-old woman.

The Huddersfield Neighbourhood Policing Team are appealing for information after two female pick pockets stole cash from the woman in the town centre in March.

The incident took place between 10.10am and 10.20am on March 18 in a shop on Victoria Lane after the victim was approached by women of Eastern European appearance who asked her to check the price tags on clothes they had picked up.

As the victim did so she felt one of the females nudge against her bag, although did not mention this at the time.

On later checking her bag she found that envelopes had been taken from it containing cash which she had earlier withdrawn from a bank.

One of the suspects was described as 19to 20-years-old, 5 ft 2 ins tall and wearing a head scarf. The other was in her early 30’s 5 ft 5 ins tall wearing a black jacket and a headscarf.

PC Lisa Cornforth of the Huddersfield NPT, said: “We are investigating this incident and are appealing for anyone who may have seen what happened or been approached by these women in recent days.

“I would always advise residents to be careful when carrying money on them and to make sure you keep bags and purses zipped up as all it takes is a few seconds for a thief to steal from an open bag.

“Anyone who has information about the recent theft or may have spotted two women approaching people in similar circumstances recently, should contact myself at the Huddersfield South NPT on 101.

“Information can also be given anonymously to CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111.”