Safety tips to stop summer thefts

Police are have issued safety advice to motorists and residents to help prevent theft of belongings in the warm weather.

Motorists are being encouraged not to leave items on display in unlocked cars.

They are also reminded not to leave their cars unlocked or valuable items on display as the area basks in summer sunshine.

Householders are being encouraged to keep windows and doors locked when unsupervised.

Following the warm weather of recent weeks, officers are warning motorists that leaving a car unlocked even for a minute while purchasing petrol can provide opportunities for a thief.

They are also asking drivers to always check doors locked through remote central locking in case they fail to secure.

This is in addition to making sure residents lock windows and doors in their homes to help thwart sneak in thieves.

Inspector Dee Stratford asked drivers to work with the police.

“Many people will be driving around in this warm weather with windows open but it is important that drivers remember to shut their windows when they park up.

“It is also important drivers remember to secure vehicles before leaving them,” she said.

“Both leaving doors unlocked and also leaving valuable items on display makes cars obvious targets for opportunist thieves so we would ask drivers to work with us and make their vehicles as secure and uninviting as possible.”

More information is available on the “It only takes a minute” campaign page on the police website,