Three arrested near Halifax after £4,000 worth of fragrances allegedly stolen from Boots in Wakefield

Boots, in Wakefield city centre.
Boots, in Wakefield city centre.

Police arrested three people after nearly £4,000 worth of fragrances was stolen from Boots in Wakefield.

One of the suspects allegedly hid some of the products in the lining of her skirt, a council report said.

The incident took place on August 30, but has only now been made public.

The three suspects were picked up on camera by CCTV operators in Wakefield, which led to their arrest in Halifax later that day.

The report, by Councillor Maureen Cummings said: "Three people were arrested after a high value shoplifting in Boots at Wakefield.

"A female had hidden fragrances in the lining of her skirt which were later valued at almost £4000.

"Boots Security passed the female on as she left in a car and operators followed it.

"The car was tracked around town and police were soon behind it in an unmarked car.

"When checked the car had no insurance or MOT. The car was eventually stopped by a traffic unit near Halifax and the three occupants were arrested.

"All the goods were returned to Boots."

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