Cubs tour gains them first hand safety experience

20th Calder Valley cub scouts and Volker Stevin staff at the safety week event
20th Calder Valley cub scouts and Volker Stevin staff at the safety week event

In support of Child Safety Week this summer, staff from VolkerStevin teamed up with the 20th Todmorden Cub Scout Group to help tackle road safety and raise awareness of the dangers around construction sites.

The cubs were guided on a safety walk around town by representatives from the VolkerStevin project team working on the Environment Agency’s flood scheme.

Along the way they stopped at works being completed on Water Street, where they learned about dangers surrounding construction sites. To help the cubs achieve their road safety badge, during the walk they were challenged to demonstrate how to use the Green Cross Code, pedestrian crossings and explain how to make an emergency telephone call.

The walk ended at VolkerStevin’s site compound on Salford Way where they met the team working on the scheme and received new hi-vis vests.

The cubs were also challenged to design their own safety sign or poster to bee professionally produced and used on VolkerStevin sites in Todmorden.

Donald Murray, VolkerStevin project manager, said: “We are delighted to have helped the cub scouts achieve their road safety badge during Child Safety Week and to have had the opportunity to teach them more about how to stay safe on roads and near construction sites. We are always looking at ways to support the local community and promote a culture of safety in the communities in which we work.”

Jon Sayer, Todmorden Cub Scout leader, said: “This was a wonderful evening with VolkerStevin as the cubs experienced first-hand road and site safety as part of child safety week.”