Disappointment as school suffers funding blow again

GV of Todmorden High school including new sculpture in front of the school, Ewood Lane, Todmorden
GV of Todmorden High school including new sculpture in front of the school, Ewood Lane, Todmorden

TODMORDEN High School has expressed its disappointment at missing out again on Government funding for new buildings.

Last week Education Secretary Michael Gove announced a list of 261 schools which will be re-built under the Priority School Building Programme - but Todmorden High was not among them.

Despite the setback, the school has said it will make the best of its current facilities.

A spokesperson said: “Todmorden High School is disappointed not to be on the Department for Education’s published list for re-building.

“Despite this, we will continue to work hard to improve learning for our students.”

Megan Swift, Calderdale Council’s lead member for children’s services, said she was extremely disappointed.

“The decision is particularly mystifying, as the Secretary of State for Education admitted the condition of Todmorden High was the worst he had seen in any school when he visited recently,” she said.

“The council is being forced to throw good money after bad in maintaining these schools. But we will continue to ensure the safety of pupils on the site.

“We now need to consider the full implications of this decision and future options.

“It may be that a radical solution is now required.”

John Beacroft-Mitchell, Calderdale councillor for the Luddenden Foot ward, has written to Mr Gove seeking an explanation as to why Todmorden High and Calder High’s bids were turned down.

“It is time he put his money where his mouth is and gives the children of the Calder Valley the schools they deserve,” Coun Beacroft-Mitchell said.

Mr Gove said, subject to funds being available, schools which missed out on funding but still need renovation will have their needs addressed as quickly as possible.

Last year Calderdale Council submitted a £24m bid for funding to re-build Todmorden and Calder High Schools.