Diverse work explores all aspects of motherhood

“The egg the womb the head and the moon”, which opens at Artsmill, Linden Road, Hebden Bridge, from May 3 to 25 (Wednesdays to Sundays each week, 11am to 4pm), is an exhibition that offers an alternative to idealised representations of motherhood by looking at the everyday, the complexities of emotions and the lived reality.

It captures the kind of conversations that can be overheard between close friends, between mothers and parents at the school gates, at the playgroup, at home and at work during the coffee break, said a spokesman for the exhibition.

The exhibition has been borne out of curator Helen Sargeant’s online initiative. Artists, academics, poets, performers, film-makers and writers, all part of the MeWe collective have, for a period of 42 weeks shared their experiences of motherhood on the eggwombheadmoon website.

The 42 weeks duration of the project mirrors that of gestation and the exhibition can be said to mark the birth. This on-line space enabled collaborating artists to share and exchange ideas. The project brings together diverse works, installation, drawing, print, sculpture, video, photography, sound, performance, poetry and texts, personal and powerful artworks exploring a diverse range of subjects about the maternal.

Exhibiting artists are Adele Myers, Bird Jones and Heald, Char March, Eti Wade, Frances Earnshaw, Helen Sargeant, Janet Griffiths, Kaye Heyes, Lena Simic, Mo Brown, Paula Chambers, Paula McCloskey, Rachèle Howard, Rebecca Lupton, Sally Barker, Tabitha Moses, Teresa Wilson and Tracey Kershaw.