Drop-in has helped more than 500 people

Janet Garner with Rev Owen Page at Todmorden Food Drop-in
Janet Garner with Rev Owen Page at Todmorden Food Drop-in

A recent survey of service users at the Todmorden Food Drop-In has found that 100 per cent of those questioned said that they felt safe when collecting their food parcel or using the Todmorden Drop-In café.

Other comments from respondents included: “A life saver”, “Keeps a lot of people out of trouble” and “If it wasn’t here we wouldn’t survive.”

These comments, and the many more like them which were received during the four week survey period, were welcomed by the volunteers who set up and run the centre.

The Drop-In, which is open at St Mary’s Church in Todmorden every Saturday morning from 9.30am to noon, delivers three day food parcels to people of Todmorden and the surrounding area who are struggling to feed themselves or their family.

Janet Garner, the lead and chair of the Drop-In commented: “We are facing a future of increased austerity and benefit sanctions plus there is no end in sight to the zero hours contract, all of which point to a likely upturn in the number of people needing to visit the Todmorden Food Drop-In.

“We are committed to helping as many people as need our support in a friendly and safe environment and this survey reassured us that we are on the right track.”

In the nearly two years since it opened its doors the Food Drop-In has helped over 540 individuals, providing over 13,000 food parcels.

The centre helps in excess of 100 people and their families each week.

The service is run entirely by volunteers and the food supplies are funded by the generosity of local businesses, council and local organisation grants and the kindness of local people who support the Food Drop-in through the £5 pledge appeal.

For anyone wishing to help pledge forms can be obtained from the Todmorden Library or details of how to donate are online at www.todfoodropin.co.uk.