Jetting in from all over the world for high school reunion

Former students will be flying in from around the world to attend a high school reunion nearly 20 years after they graduated.

Pupils who started at Todmorden High School in 1988 will be returning to the upper Calder Valley in December to reminisce with classmates at the get-together.

Organiser Nicola Grice, who will be jetting in from Vancouver for the event, is looking forward to catching up with old friends.

“The idea for a reunion has been floating around for a couple of years,” she said.

“Everyone seemed interested but likely waited for someone else to make the move.

“I was about due a visit back home and decided to come back for Christmas. It was then I asked the founder of our Facebook page and year mate, Keith Burkett, if he thought we should try to get the wheels in motion. The page exploded.

“Together with Emma Hopwood (née Pickering) we have been trying to finalise everything.

“It is a total of six forms - D, G, J, L, M and P - that all started in 1988 that are hoping to get together.

“Interest is high.

“Ideally we want to get in touch with those still not aware of the event, especially our old teachers.”

Born in Burnley and raised in Todmorden, Nicola moved to Canada in 2000 to continue her PhD in medicinal chemistry.

Other classmates will be making long journeys back to the UK for the event, including some travelling from New Zealand and Kenya.

Details about the reunion, including a venue, are still being finalised.

“It would be fantastic if anyone could donate a place or if a DJ could donate their time,” she said.

Any former students who started at Todmorden High in 1988 and who would like to attend are encouraged to RSVP via the group’s Facebook page, “Todmorden High School Class of 1988”.