Pupils reaching for the stars in their rooftop classroom

New facilities being built at Todmorden C of E School, Todmorden.
New facilities being built at Todmorden C of E School, Todmorden.

CHILDREN will be reaching for the stars in their new rooftop classroom.

Pupils at Todmorden C of E School will be having lessons in the new computer suite which has been built in loft space above the existing classrooms.

The suite, which includes 30 workstations and two smaller teaching rooms, has been constucted in just six weeks.

Staff hope the higher altitude facilities will help to raise pupils’ achievements

Deputy headteacher Alice Leadbitter said: “We are trying to improve our children’s independent research skills and we are hoping our new ICT suite and children’s access to laptops will increase their investigative abilities.”

The IT suite is one of many new developments at the school, on Burnley Road, as part of a major rebuilding project

An outdoor play area is being built and the old ICT suite is being turned into a nursery for children aged over three.

The National Play and Care Centre, which adjoins the school, will be integrated into the main building to ease pupils’ transition.

The existing centre will be expanded and its use extended to community need.

Headteacher Chris Wightman said: “The new nursery will be a fantastic addition to the school and will aid the transition into reception class, as well as allowing the school to expand its services.”

Mr Wightman said, once the work is completed, the school will have an increased capacity and will be able to take in more pupils from a younger age.