Todmorden High School A-level students head for university places

A-level results day at Todmorden High School. Carmen Ward-Vilotta, left, and Laura Burns
A-level results day at Todmorden High School. Carmen Ward-Vilotta, left, and Laura Burns

Todmorden High School students are preparing to head off to study a wide range of courses at universities around the country.

Carmen Ward-Vilotta, who achieved two A* grades and a distinction star, is going to Lancaster University to study fine art.

“I’m really happy,” she said.

“I have always wanted to go to university and now I am going.”

Rebecca Gibson is going to study psychology at York St John’s after gaining an A, B and two C grades in her exams.

“I’m really pleased with that,” she said.

“Some of the grades are higher than I espected.”

Emma Stroud, who achieved two As and two Bs, is heading to the University of East Anglia to study natural science.

“I’m really happy,” she said.

“I’ve loved my time at Todmorden High School.”

Zaineb Ali was really pleased with her three B grades.

She is going to study pharmacy at Bradford University.

A-level results

Z Ali, bi, ch, enl, hs bt*; J Allan, bi, it bt*, psy; H Ashworth, enl, hi, it bt*; A Begum, hs bt*, so; J Blanche, bs bt*, ms; P Blanche, bs bt*, it bt, ms; L Burns, ad*, ag*, bs bt*; J Campbell, bi, enl, hi; L Campbell, ad, ag, ms; L Carr, bi, ch, enl, ma*; H Colclough, pd3, s bt; Ja Colclough, hs bt*, ms; N Curtis, hs bt*, so; I Davy-Day, bi, ma, s bt*; J Dowse, ma, ph; C Durham, hs bt, it bt*; S Earnshaw, bs bt*, pd3, s bt; A Farrow, hs bt*; R Fielden, hs bt*; A Gabb, bs bt*, hs bt, it bt*; J Gale, bs bt*, it bt*, s bt; B Garbett, pd3; J Garbett, bi, ph; L Gibson, enl, hs bt*; R Gibson, enl, hi, psy, so; P Gittins, enl, s bt; Z Graham, ag, bs bt*, ms; J Hansper-Cowgill, ad, ag, bs bt*; C Heys, ad*, enl, hi;E Highley, bs bt*, it bt*, ms; J Highley, bs bt*, pd3, s bt*; K Holmes, hs bt*; J Hooson, bs bt*, it bt*, s bt; J Hopson, bi, hi; H Hunter, hs bt*, so; T Kaye, bs bt*, it bt*, s bt; R Khatoon, hs bt, it bt*; J Lally, pd3, hs bt; M McLernon, bs bt*, hs bt, ms; K Monaghan, so; J Murphy, pd3, it bt*, s bt; J Norcliffe, bi, ch, s bt; M Roberts, ma, ph; L Roche, bi, ma; J Rolfe, enl, hi, it bt*; B Shackleton, bi, enl; J Sham, bs bt*, it bt*; O Shields, enl, ms, so; S Simpson-Robinson, bs bt*, pd3, it bt*; A Stansfield, bs bt*, enl, ms; E Stroud, bi, ch, ma, ph; K Sutcliffe, enl, psy, so; La Sutcliffe, hs bt; Le Sutcliffe, enl, hs bt*, so; A Terry-Davis, bs bt*, it bt*, ms; R Turner, enl, ms, so; B Walsh, bs bt*, hs bt*, it bt*; C Ward Villota, ad*, ag*, bs bt*; M Waterworth, enl, hs bt; D Westney, bs bt*, enl, hs bt; A Wynn, bi.

AS-level results

J Ashworth, it bt*; H Bevan, bi, ch; F Bhatti, ch, enl; T Bower, it bt; S Bowers, bs bt, it bt*, hi; E Brayshaw, ag, it bt*; K Campbell, ad, ag, enl; H Coates, ad, ag, bs bt*; S Cooper, it bt*; J Davies, gg, it bt*, hi; A Dawe, ag, it bt*; M Dearden-Terry, enl, ms; W Foran-Pearson, it bt*, hi; A Foster, ag, enl, it bt*; J Frankland, ch, it bt*, ma, ph; J Gale, bs bt*, it bt*; K Georgiou, ad, it bt*; B Goldie, bs bt*, it bt*; T Halliwell, enl, it bt*, ma, ms; H Harbidge, gg, enl, so; Z Harris, ch, gg, bs bt*, ma; L Harrow, it bt*; E Horton, enl, hi, so; R Houghton, it bt*; A Hudson, ag; J Hudson, bt bs*, it bt*; J Ingham, it bt*; B Ireson, ad, it bt*, ms; E Johnston, ad, ag, bs bt, it bt*; A Khan, bs bt, it bt, so; M Lowcock, it bt; G Masters, it bt;F Mitchell, ad, it bt*, hi; C Mortimer, bs bt, it bt*; O Murphy, ad, ag, enl, it bt; S Musgrave, ag; I Pegg, so; D Pinnington, ma; D Pritchard, it bt*, ms; I Ridout, bi, so; N Salmon, gg, bs bt, it bt*, ma; M Shackleton, bs bt*, it bt*; N Sharmeen, ag, it bt; M Smith, enl, bs bt*; E Steventon, hi, so; B Walker, bs bt, enl, bs bt*; J Walters, enl, bs bt*; E Ward, pd3, it bt*, ma, ph; M Wilcock, bs bt*, it bt*, so; L Williamson, pd3, bs bt, ma, ph; G Wilson, ag, enl, bs bt*; J Wrench, ch, gg, bs bt*, ma; J Wright, ag, pd3, bs bt*, it bt*.

A-level key: a, Art; ab, Applied business; acc, Accounts; ad, Art & Design; ag, Art Graphics; ah, Ancient History; ahi, Art History; am, Applied Mathematics; app ict, Applied Information & Communication Technology; app sc, Applied Science; arc, Archaeology; asfs bt, Applied Science (Forensic Science) BTec; bi, Biology; bs, Business Studies; bs bt, Business BTec; c, Construction; ch, Chemistry; cl, Classical Studies; cm, Communication Studies; cmp, Computing; cn, Chinese; cst, Computer Studies; ct, Critical Thinking; cw, Creative Writing; d, Design; da, Dance; dm, Drama; dt, Design Technology; ec, Economics; ed, Engineering Drawing; ee bt, Understanding Enterprise & Entrepreneurship BTec; el, English Literature; en, English Language; enl, English Language & Literature; et, Electronics; ev, Environmental Studies; ex, Expressive Arts; exp, Extended Project ; fl, Film; fm, Further Maths; fr, French; fs, Film Studies; ft, Food Technology; gc, Graphical Communication; ge, Geology; gg, Geography; gm, German; gp, Government & Politics; gs, General Studies; hb, Human Biology; hi, History; ho bt, Hospitality BTec; hs, Health & Social Care/Health Education; hs bt, Health & Social Care BTec; ict, Information & Communication Technology; ict bt, IT practitioners BTec; it, Information Technology; it voc, Information Technology (Vocational); ks, Key Skills; la, Latin; lw, Law; ma, Mathematics; ms, Media Studies; mt, Music Technology; mu, Music; p, Portuguese; pa, Performing Arts; pa bt, Performing Arts BTec; pd, Product Design; pd3, Product Design (3D); pdt, Product Design (Textiles); pe, Physical Education; ph, Physics; pho, Photography; pl, Philosophy; pm, Pure Mathematics; pms, Pure Mathematics with Statistics; po, Polish; ps, Political Studies; psy, Psychology; pu btt, Public Services BTec; re, Religious Education; ret bt, Retail BTec; sc, Science; so, Sociology; sp, Spanish; ss, Sports Studies; st, Statistics; t, Theology; te, Technology; th, Theatre Studies; tt, Travel & Tourism; tt bt, Travel & Tourism; tx, Art & Design Textiles; ur, Urdu.