Upset after meal mix-up

Ferney Lee Primary School, where the meal mix-up happened
Ferney Lee Primary School, where the meal mix-up happened

A father has complained that an incident involving meals at the school his two children attend has not been taken seriously enough.

Mr Mehtab Hussain, of Industrial Street, Todmorden, whose children go to Ferney Lee School, was upset after learning that a meal supposed to have been served up for a “Vegetarian Monday” menu last week turned out to be a pasta dish served with ham.

As Muslims, who adhere to Islamic dietry laws which do not allow the consumption of pork products, it was an important issue, he said.

Mr Hussain said he knew accidents could happen but felt the matter was not being taken seriously enough by the school.

“I am a Muslim and so are several other parents. When my wife inquired the feeling was that it wasn’t a big matter and we still haven’t received a letter of explanation,” he said last Friday.

“Accidents do happen but I feel Ferney Lee, which has a high number of Muslim children, have not dealt with it, and nothing has been said regarding a refund for that meal.”

Mr Hussain said his children were now taking a packed lunch to school. He had asked the school for a letter of explanation about the incident but decided to raise his concerns publically when one had not been forthcoming after a full school week. He wanted to be reassured the issue was being treated as one of importance and that safeguards were put in place so something similar did not happen in the future.

Ferney Lee’s headteacher, Helen Hannah said the school wanted to assure parents the matter was being taken seriously.

“We are very sorry this has happened and would like to offer our sincere apologies for the distress this has caused to the children and families affected.

“We take the quality of our school meals very seriously. Our lunches are prepared at Todmorden High School and together with support from the local authority, we are investigating to make sure that this incident cannot be repeated.”