You might see a lamb being born

Spring is arriving at Ramsden Farm as the lambing season gets under way - and the Walsden based farm educational access centre is opening its gates to schools and youth groups in the area to share the experience.

Visitors will get the opportunity to go into the lambing sheds and see the animals up close and children will be able to handle some of the lambs and help with some of the tasks needed to care for the sheep and their new-born lambs, said Yvonne Howarth, of Ramsden Farm Educational Access Centre, Ramsden Wood Road.

“Hopefully visitors may get the opportunity to actually see lambs being born. Visitors will also get the chance to see what other new life is appearing at Ramsden Farm as spring arrives,” she said.

Other events will be hosted by the farm throughout the year, said Yvonne.

“In June there will be the opportunity to come along and watch sheep shearing. Again there will be the opportunity to join in with some of the tasks needed at shearing time. Visitors will be able to look at how wool production has changed over the years and also try their hand at dying material using natural dyes.

“During the last half of the final term of the academic year visitors will get the chance to become a ‘Nature Detective’ for a day. Farm walks will also be offered, which can be tailored to your specific requirements. These can provide an excellent and educational end of term treat for classes of pupils,” she said.

More details can be obtained from website and visits can be booked via the website or ringing Yvonne on 01706 813667.

The facilities at Ramsden have been developed with funding from Natural England, which has ensured that all schools and youth groups are able to visit the farm free of charge.