Eight months’ jail for second strike cannabis grower

A MAN who was caught growing cannabis for a second time has been jailed for eight months.

Back in February 2010, Gareth Marshall was given a community sentence involving supervision and unpaid work after he was convicted of producing enough of the Class B drug to make an estimated £35,000 on the streets.

But only six months after that one-year order was finished police discovered another cannabis growing set-up the attic of Marshall’s home in Industrial Street, Todmorden.

Bradford Crown Court heard that officers only attended at the premises last August because Marshall had been badly injured in an attack.

But when police checked the house they discovered ten cannabis plants being grown in the attic.

Prosecutor Ewan McLachlan said officers found a foil-lined tent together with other equipment such as fans, high-intensity lights and an automated watering system.

It was estimated that the ten plants could have yielded up to 880 grammes of cannabis, which could have been worth about £7,500 on the streets.

Marshall, 30, initially claimed that the drug was for his own use, but in court he conceded that there may have been some non-commercial supply to friends.

Marshall pleaded guilty at a previous hearing to producing cannabis.

Judge John Potter jailed him for eight months after telling the defendant that his earlier conviction had made matters significantly worse.