Farm’s interest spreading as Finnish visitors arrive

A group of visitors from Finland came to look around Ramsden Farm, Todmorden
A group of visitors from Finland came to look around Ramsden Farm, Todmorden

A FARM welcomed a group of visitors from Europe and showed them what agriculture is like in the upper Calder Valley.

Ramsden Farm, Todmorden, hosted 32 farmers from Finland on a visit to sample a range of different farming experiences.

One of the Finnish farmers had spotted Ramsden Farm’s website and thought it looked interesting, so contacted the farm to arrange a visit.

Charlotte Weightman, a member of the Twite Recovery Project at the RSPB, also attended and gave a short talk about her work at Ramsden Farm to protect the small endangered bird.

The group was then taken on a farm walk to look at the meadowland restoration work that has been carried out.

Farmers Warren and Tony Howarth discussed their environmental work at Ramsden Farm and how Natural England and the RSPB work closely with them to support their work.

The group also had a look around the stock buildings to see the suckler herd and discuss the lambing process.

The visit ended with a short discussion about the educational facilities at the farm and the opportunities it offers to schools and groups in the area.

Yvonne Howarth, of Ramsden Farm, said: “Despite the weather being cold, the sun did actually shine for our visitors and the rain managed to wait until they left.

“The visitors had a thoroughly enjoyable visit and were determined to come back again, possibly at a different time of year to discuss other aspects of farming in England.”